Monday, February 1, 2010

What a Day

Well, I agreed to help out an elderly lady, who is the mother of a friend of a friend, with drywall damage to the ceiling in one of her bedrooms.  As I removed the first chunk, I was greeted with a faceful of blown insulation, which I didn't expect.  I immediately stopped and put on my mask and gloves.  Safety first.  As I dug deeper, I found that the damage itself wasn't too bad but the construction of the framing was questionable, so I had to fix that before replacing the drywall.  It went pretty well after that, but took longer than I wanted, but, you know what they say.  All's well that ends well.
I had my typical breakfast this morning, which is Philadelphia Cream Cheese on Healthy Life Low Carb Whole Wheat toast, a small glass of 8th Continent Lite Soy Milk, and a LARGE cup of very strong coffee which I make in a 50's percolator.  I take my coffee black.
We didn't take a lunch today since the job turned out to be more than we thought, so I was getting pretty hungry by the time I got home.  I have been craving a big ol' messy burger lately so I decided to make myself three.  I fried up some Black Angus Cheddar Bacon burgers that I bought at Walmart and while they were cooking I chopped up a little red onion and scattered it on my plate.  I then got out the condiments I needed to make this thing messy and yummy (at least to me).  After I flipped the burgers, I put a thick slice of super sharp cheddar on each.  When they were done, well done, I put them on the plate on top of the red onions, squirted on some yellow mustard and low carb ketchup, a tsp of mayo, a bit of dill pickle relish, sea salt and black pepper, and then threw on some green olives.  OMG, they really hit the spot.  No bread, but this concoction didn't need it.  I thinnk it was the mustard that said to me, "bread?  We don't need no stinking bread".  Now, I know this probably doesn't sound good to most of the women reading this, but guys, you've got to try this.  Wash it down with a low carb Michelob Ultra and you've got a man's meal.
Well, that's enough of my macho ramblings.  Be sure to check out Lisa's new blog, In the Low Carb Kitchen with Lisa.  She has real recipes.  Thanks for stopping by.  See ya.

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