Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great "News"

Sorry I'm so late getting to the blog, but I have been working on some exciting stuff today.  I was asked by a reporter for our local, hometown newspaper, The Gleaner, if we would be interested in them doing a feature story about our low carb experience, our website, and our blogs!  How cool is that?
The reporter, Donna Stinnett, contacted me via Facebook Messaging, today, as she is a fan of our Facebook Fan Page.  Apparently, she thinks this is news worthy, as do I.  I relayed to her how passionate we are about our low carb life and how excited I am to have this vehicle to spread the low carb news.  She wants to interview Lisa and I about our low carb experience, and the website/blogs, and take pictures of us in the kitchen preparing some of our favorite low carb recipes.  She said they may even want to do a video of us as we cook!  This is so huge for us and I want to publically thank her for giving us this opportunity.
The plan is to do the initial interview, pictures, and video next Thursday or Friday, not sure which day yet.  I will keep you posted.  It is my understanding that the story will be in the paper itself and on the publication's website. 
Lisa and I want to thank all of you for your visits to the site and all of your support for what we are trying to do.  What we are trying to do is spread the word about living a low carb life, provide you with factual information concerning the latest studies which confirm our healthy lifestyle, and provide tips, recipes, and support for those of you who make the leap into the low carb lifestyle.
Keep checking back for updates on the story and new recipes almost daily, and to see what I am rambling about on my blog.
One last thing, but not leastly, please continue to pray for my buddy and fellow blogger, Greg and his dad, as they go through these trying times in dealing with more surgery and treatments.  Get well soon, Mr.K.

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