Monday, February 22, 2010

Crazy Weekend

Hello, guys.  So sorry I didn't blog this weekend.  I got a call from the music director for an up and coming country artist, named Natasha Neely, asking me to play drums for her upcoming concert in Owensboro, KY.  I just got the music yesterday and I have until Thursday to learn 26 new songs.  A lot of which are originals, so I am just hearing them for the first time.  Natasha is a very good singer and I appreciate the opportunity to back her up.  Seems, the Nashville drummer that they originally had, can't do it now, so I got the call.  I'm so excited.
Then, I get a call from a guitar player friend asking me if I could back up another up and coming country singer, named Linda Smith.  I haven't received the details about this one yet, but I'm really excited about this, too.  I love playing drums and have been playing for 35 plus years.  I play with 6 bands already, but a few more couldn't hurt, could it?
My buddy Greg finally took his dad home from the hospital, but is spending a lot of time taking care of him.  He'll be back at his blog real soon, so look for his return.  He came over this morning to do his weigh in and found that he has lost 23 pounds so far.  How cool is that?
Another friend has been living the low carb life for a while now and has lost 60 pounds so far.  Way to go Larry Courtney.  We will be posting his success story very soon.
And, my sister, Missy, recently began low carb living and has lost 3 pounds in less than a week! 
We continue to hear story after story from friends, relatives and readers about their low carb success and hope to post their stories as well.
As far as we know now, the feature story in our local paper, the Gleaner, will come out Sunday.  It'll also be on their website.  I'll post the link as soon as it's out there.  I talked with Jimmy Moore from Living La Vida Low Carb about it  and he's gonna send it out to all "his peeps" as he put it.  Brian Cormier, the Low Carb Dude, has also said he will put it on his site and send it to his Twitter people.  Both Jimmy and Brian have been so nice to us.  I suggest you check out their sites.
Lisa has been posting a lot of new recipes lately, so I have been getting to eat some really good stuff lately.  She made low carb peanut butter cookies the other night that were to die for (the kids agreed) and only 0.6 carbs per cookie!  I love it when she comes up with something new.  Last night it was Green Chili Stew with cubed pork sirloin.  Tasty and just the right amount of spicyness.  Is that a word?  Well, you know what I mean.  Gooooood!
Well, that's all I have for today.  I have a birthday coming up in a few days and Lisa's is a few days after that, so we are having the family over and my oldest son, Matt is going to cook.  He's a great low carb cook, so I'm really looking forward to see what he has in mind.  Anyway, hope you all are well and I'll see you tomorrow.

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