Monday, February 8, 2010

Turbo Atkins

So, Lisa picked up this publication called Woman's World, which I have always enjoyed reading as well, (did I just admit that?), and the main story in huge print on the cover says, "Lose as much as 16 pounds a week on the breakthrough new Spanish University Turbo Atkins".  I was to say the least, intrigued.  As I'm reading the article, I'm thinking a few things.  One, man, they are really praising the low carb Atkins approach, and two, this actually looks pretty good.
The main thing that is different from the traditional Atkins approach is that they combine it with the best, healthy low carb foods from the Mediterranean Diet.  Mainly, a lot of fish, olive oil, nutrient packed vegetables, and red wine.  According to the article, it's basically the Atkins Diet packed with Mediterranean superfoods.  And, they don't limit eggs, chicken, beef, etc.  It's unrestricted and unlimited!  I must say I am not suprised.  This is basically the same approach Lisa and I have been doing for years. 
The article goes on to say that the average weight loss in the lab test volunteers was 30 pounds in 12 weeks!  Some of the participants lost 12 to 16 pounds in a week!  Amazing, huh?
This study just confirms for me that the Atkins way is the way and the fact that they are combining it with other ways is again confirming.  The study again confirmed that when you restrict carbs and boost protein, a flip switches in the body that dials down hunger, increases metabolism and speeds up fat burning.  And olive oil is not only good for your heart, but the study shows that it also dampens appetite, curbs cravings and helps speed metabolism.  And by getting your carbs from veggies, you load up on fat fighting supernutrients.  This study also says that if you opt to drink red wine while using this combo approach, you get an antioxidant called resveratrol, which is the most studied nutrient in the world.  It's been found to lower blood sugar!
The main thing they say to do differently from the traditional approach is to make fish your main protein choice every other day, but you can still add additional protein from sources like eggs, poultry, and lean meat if you are still hungry.  Thats about it.
So, I'm excited to see that more and more studies are confirming the Atkins way, whether traditional or in combination with other healthy approaches, is still the best way to lose weight, lower blood sugar and blood pressure, improve lipid and other measurements, and get heart healthy.
That''s all I have for today.  I have homemade pure pork sausage cooking on the stove and the smell is calling me, so I gotta go.  See ya soon!

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