Friday, February 5, 2010

Heart Healthy?

With all the information coming from new studies and old, you'd think the medical industry would begin to recognize the health benefits of a high fat/moderate protein/low carb lifestyle, wouldn't you?  Folks are losing weight, blood sugar levels are better than ever, lipid panels are improved, people are getting off their diabetes and related medicines, and feeling better than they have in years.  But, noooo.  Most in the medical field still will not budge on their out-dated way of thinking.  Fat is bad.  Carbs are good.  Are you kidding me?!
I recently read on Jimmy Moore's Living La Vida Low Carb blog about a man who worked in a hospital that decided to make the entire food line in the cafeteria "heart healthy".  He tells how he was outraged to find that they pulled everything they thought was bad, like bacon, mayo, butter and such but kept things like hash browns, bagels, honey mustard, barbecue sauce and ketchup.  Their idea was pull the fat, but keep the sugar.  How crazy.  This guy even went to the cafeteria manager and explained how he had lost over 30 pounds, improved all his lipid panels, and was healthier than he had been in years.  The response was that they didn't want to promote such a "radical diet".  Come on, get with it.  Even the medical profession can't get on board with the latest proof.  They want to hold on to what they "know" to be true even when the science proves them wrong.  In a hospital.  The real villain in heart disease is inflammation brought on by too many carbs.  Eating high carb breads and bagels and fat free condiments will only perpetuate obesity and heart disease.
Duke University studies, as well as many others, have proven time and time again the heart healthy benefits of the high fat/moderate protein/low carb lifestyle.  Recent studies have even shown improvement in blood pressure.  Do your own research.  Be personally responsible for your own health and lifestyle.
Thanks for reading my rant.  See ya.

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