Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good News

I am so excited.  I got an email from Jimmy Moore, the founder of the Internet's most popular low carb website, congratulating me on my low carb success story, which I shared with him yesterday.  I mentioned to him how much Dr. Mary Vernon had influenced me and he said he waould forward that information to her.  The cool thing is that he offered to check out our website and my blog and mention the site in one of his upcoming blogs which is viewed by probably thousands.  What a great guy.  I found his site, LivingLaVidaLowCarb, or LLVLC for short, several years ago and his story inspired me.  The man lost almost 200 pounds and is very passionate in spreading the low carb lifestyle with blogs, interviews, videos and more.  Keep up the good work, Jimmy. 
Well, I just had the best bacon and cheddar cheese sandwich.  I cooked the bacon in the microwave (put a paper towel on a plate, lay on the bacon and cover with another paper towel) while I toasted two slices of low carb wheat bread and sliced 3 slices of super sharp cheddar.  When the bacon finished, I just put it and the cheese on the toast, added some mayo and voila.  It was so good.  I just love this low carb life.  I told you about my messy bufgers last night but forgot to mention the cornish hens, shrimp, and cocktail sauce that Lisa made for herself and my daughter, Lori.  I tried it and it was so good.  The sauce Lisa concocted was better than any I've ever had.  Recipes will be on the recipes section soon.
I know we were going to talk about special occasion meals and recipes for those meals but since then Lisa has started her own blog so I'm going to let her talk about that.  I'll get back to my ramblings about fruits and veggies soon and I'm gathering more important scientific information concerning studies showing how low carb is found to help your health in so many new found ways, so stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, stay strong and enjoy life.  See ya tomorrow.

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