Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Snow Day

First things first.  My buddy and fellow blogger, Greg, has been with his father at the hospital the last few days.  He's having surgery today so please say a prayer for him.
I've been reading other low carb blogs today just to kind of see what others are talking about.  There are so many folks out there trying to spread the good word about living a low carb lifestyle that it makes me thankful to all of my readers and supporters for taking time out of their day to read mine.  So, thanks guys.  I really appreciate you.
I have this time to read and research due to another snow day here in my little corner of the world.  I was going to paint at a friends house but she lives on some questionable country roads when snow covered.  My daughter stayed home with me today so I made her a cheddar cheese, 3 egg omelette and a couple strips of bacon for breakfast, while I just had eggs and bacon.  Had turkey and white cheddar and pork rinds for lunch and too much coffee throughout the day.  I fried tilapia and cabbage ( with green pepper and onion) for dinner last night but haven't decided what I want tonight.  I'm leaning towards leftover Matt's Hot and Spicy Chili. 
While checking out other blogs, I see several folks sometimes get off the diet for a day or two (or more) for some reason or another, like when they have a problem they reach for old habit comfort foods, or when they travel they don't make the effort to find low carb alternatives, etc.  I just want to say, don't beat yourself up so much when this happens.  The great thing about this lifestyle is just that.  It's a lifestyle, not a diet.  Mess up?  Just get right back on.  Sooner or later those old habits will be replaced with new habits. 
So, just remember, sometimes life gets in the way of living, and things happen, but if it doesn't kill you it should make you stronger.  Keep up the good fight.  God bless.

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