Monday, May 17, 2010

For Your Consideration

I just heard today that there is a bill before Congress that requires doctors to report the BMI of our children to the Federal government.  Really?  The government is going to monitor the BMI of our children?  They say it's to allow children to get help in losing weight, but what else could this information be used for.  And what kind of foods or diet plan will they promote?  Low fat?  I'm sure it won't be low carb, considering how far behind the times most dieticians are.  I think it is outrageous.
And have you heard the latest weight loss commercials that tout a high carb diet.  They say that carbs are the best source of energy.  Come on.  Get with it.  What did our ancestors eat for energy?  Before sugar became so prevalent in our diets, man got energy from fat.
And, again, another new medicine is being advertised on television that raises blood sugar levels, tryglicerides, and cholesterol levels to a dangerous level.  Look out for Seroquel.  It's a medicine for bi-polar depression.  It reaises the aforementioned levels to a deadly rate.
I just think that if people would realize the health benefits of low carb living, we wouldn't have a lot of the health issues we have today.  If health care professionals would get up to date with all the new studies that have, and are, coming out, and give their patients the right information, we wouldn't need the government getting involved. 
I've lost around 70 pounds and have been off all diabetes related meds for over 3 years thanks to low carb living.  I haven't lost brain function or muscle mass.  As a matter of fact, my focus is better and my body has never looked better.  If I had listened to the dieticians my doctor sent me to when I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I would still be overweight and on meds.
Okay, I've said enough.  This is just for your consideration.  See ya!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Baaaaccckkk!!!

Hello, everyone.  I hope you're doing well.  I have been so busy, I just can't keep up.  My daughter is going off to college soon and we've been getting ready for that.  She is graduating from high school in a few weeks and we've been busy putting together a little get-together for her and her friends in our backyard.  We decided that since our patio and deck weren't big enough for a party, we would quadruple the size of the deck.  Phase 1 was a 16' x 8' extension of the existing deck, one step higher.  Phase 2 is a same size extension in the other direction, again, one step higher.  Phase 3 is a same size extension joining the previous 2, only 2 steps higher.  Since our house sits lower than the backyard, a lot of digging is involved and my poor back is killing me.  In addition to the additions, I have been creating paths, using rock and stepping stones.  I have moved almost a ton and a half of rock, almost a ton of old bricks, and a bunch of concrete pavers for stepping stones.  This is all on top of the painting and gutter modifications I did for a friend, the drywall repairs and painting I'm doing for another friend, and the landscaping I did for another friend who is unable to walk due to an injury.  Top all of this with band rehearsals, playing music, and giving drum lessons and you'd think I'd have enough on my plate.
Speaking of 'enough on my plate', how are ya'll doing with your low carb living?  I've been doing pretty good, though I must admit, I went a little crazy on Mother's Day.  I had a slice of cheesecake and a cookie.  As soon as it hit my mouth, I wished I had just stuck with the strawberries and kiwi.  But the great thing about this being a lifestyle is, if you screw up you can just get right back to it.  And I did.  I feel so much better living low carb.  I have more energy, my mind is sharper, and I just feel good.
I hope all of you will bear with me when I neglect to blog.  I feel like I'm letting you down, but sometimes life gets in the way of living, doesn't it?
I'm still putting together more blogs on diabetic misinformation, so look for that coming soon.  Well, I gotta go.  See ya soon!