Friday, January 29, 2010

Special Occasion Meals Pt.1

Sorry to be so late with my blog.  Lisa and I just got back from Walmart a little while ago.  We had to stock up on a few things as she is trying new recipes on me this weekend.  I just love that.  Also, it's snowing and we're not sure how much we're going to get.  It sure is beautiful, though.  Anyway, on with the blog.
I said yesterday that we would talk about special occasion meals that are low carb but oh, so good.  We had a birthday dinner for my daughter-in-law, Anne Marie, the other night and while not everyone at the dinner was a low carber, everyone really enjoyed the dinner.  We had spicy pork loin that cooked all day in the slow cooker, Patty's broccoli/cauliflower salad, fried cabbage, and Company Cheese Cake, all of which are in the Recipes section of the website.  Our immediate family and our sons' band mates devoured it all and the drummer even asked if he could take some home!
Lisa is and has been working on several special occasion recipes.  There is an entire section for Super Bowl recipes, so be sure to check that out.  Coming soon, lots of ideas for Valentine's Day, including a romantic dinner for two.  More to come soon.
New recipes that have been added this week include, Flax Seed Caraway Crackers, Flax Seed Garlic Parmesan Crackers, Broiled Top Sirloin Steak (which we had tonight), and the cheese cake that I mentioned earlier.
Well, as it is late, I'll leave you with that.  I wanna go out and see the snow falling.  Check back tomorrow and I'll let you know how much we got.  See ya!

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