Monday, January 11, 2010

My Goal for this Blog

Good morning, all. Brian here. My goal on this blog is to offer info about how a low carb diet can help Type 2 diabetics like myself and to educate those at risk for developing the disease. I am not a doctor, but information I give you comes from recent studies from reputable folks from places like Duke University and my hero, Dr. Mary Vernon. I'll talk a lot about her and her passion for helping diabetics and overweight people.
I just read an article in which Dr. Vernon talks about "the hallmark of carbohydrate restriction". She says that the most consistant results when a person first reduces carbs are a dramatic drop in triglycerides and an increase in HDL (good) cholesterol. The changes are so dependable that she advised other bariatric doctors at a conference she spoke at that they could use these two measures to inform them whether their patients were indeed following a carb restricted diet. In essence, they could tell if you were cheating! It's this attention to detail the has made Dr. Vernon one of the foremost authorities in the field advocating carb restriction for losing weight and treatment of diabetes and its precursors.
In my experience, I've seen both of the factors mentioned above come about. A dramatic drop in not only triglycerides but blood sugar levels as well and not only an increase in good cholesterol but a drop in the bad. I should say that the info I've given today comes from an article on Gotta give them their propers.
I hope this information is helpful to any and all of you readers that are either Type 2 or for you who just want to lose weight. Be sure to check my blog aften and also check out my buddy, Greg's blog as he begins his journey into the low carb life.

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