Friday, March 5, 2010

Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo

I'm baaack.  Hello, everyone.  In my last blog I mentioned playing with Country singer, Natasha Neely this week.  While I love Country music (I actually like most every kind of music, or at least have a musician's respect for all kinds), I love to play some good old Rock and Roll.  And last night I did.  Some of the more seasoned players I know have put together a little jam band we call Whiskers (we all have a little chin hair) and we play the first Thursday of every month at a place called Cricket's in Newburgh, Indiana.  I call it a jam band because we have never rehearsed.  But, as I said, we are all seasoned, so it still sounds good.  We do everything from Johnny Cash to Toto, John Cougar to Michael Jackson, ZZ Top to Huey Lewis.  Well, you get the picture.  We just do whatever we like.  Anyway, last night we played better than ever and I had a tremendous night.  I'm playing tomorrow night with a little R & B group called the Brown Sisters.  That is always fun as the two black ladies that front the band are two of the best singers and entertainers in the Tri-state, and they are a hoot.  I love them both.  Okay, enough about music.
I didn't get around to blogging yesterday as I was so busy  responding to the flood of emails we have received since the article about the site came out in the newspaper.  I am having such a great time answering your questions and kind of getting to know some of you.  I just love the inspiring stories and the courage some of you have trying to make a lifestyle change.  I know it can be hard, especially if you're the only one in the house doing it.  I received so many emails from couples who are going to do it together, too, and that is so romantic in a way.  We all need support in life and lifestyle, and it's such a huge motivating factor when that support comes from your best friend (mine is my wife).  I even had an elderly lady of 76 tell me she was inspired by our story and she's going to give it a try!  You people are just only awesome!
The most asked question I got was, "how many carbs should I have a day and still lose weight?".  Here is the answer I gave from my experience. 
I, myself, limit my carbs to less than 30 a day. That is a good number for me to maintain my weight loss and still keep my diabetes under control. Most experts say 20 - 30 is considered low carb. There are people who do what is called Very Low Carb, or VLC, and they might only have 5 or so. I recommend for the first two weeks, try to do what is called induction, which is nothing but eggs, meat, and cheese (as much as you want). This will give your body a little 'kick start'. Then, you may need to experiment a little to see how many you need to keep the diabetes monster in it's cage (if you are diabetic) and still lose weight. Remember, we're all a little different, but I would suggest the induction and then start off with no more than 20 for a while to lose weight and then down the road try adding 5 and see how that works for you. I would never, ever go over 40 or 50.
I answered that question from my own experience, but tomorrow, I will give you some hard facts and figures from the experts.  Well, I gotta go, Ghost Whisperer is coming on!

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