Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm Famous

So, I go into the bank this morning, and the teller tells me that she saw the article about our low carb life in Sunday's newspaper.  She said she thought it was a very good story and it prompted her to check out the website and try some of the recipes.  She had been insulin dependent diabetic until she had gastric bypass surgery and lost almost 200 pounds.  After the surgery, she started eating better and now she no longer needs any diabetes meds.  Good for her!
Then, I went into a local newstand, and the girl behind the counter recognized me and said she saved the article so she could show her brother, who is almost 100 pounds overweight and is pre- diabetic, as she put it.  She also checked out the website and said she can't wait to try the recipes.  I wish her luck in helping her brother.
I went home after the newstand, and my youngest son, Bradley, told me that when he went into the Post Office, several people were discussing the article and when one of the ladies saw him, she recognized him as my son and asked him questions about our lifestyle.  He said they all told him what a motivational story his parents told in the article.  How cool.
When Lisa came home from work, she said several people she works with told her how much they liked the article and were now interested in trying the low carb life.  Awesome.
It just feels so good to know that something that has made such a difference in your life might somehow help others make a difference in theirs.  That something as simple as watching what you put in your mouth, can drastically improve so many aspects of your health and make you feel so much better, that others can see it and want it, too.
My wish for you, whether you're overweight or not, whether you're diabetic or not, whether you're healthy or not, is that you will at least give this lifestyle a chance.  It has been proven that this lifestyle helps to resolve so many health issues, like Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, and it's heart healthy.  They even have success treating pediatric seizure patients.
So, I've preached enough.  My sons' band is going on a mini tour in a few weeks and they needed more seating in their van, so I helped them build a bench seat tonight.  Lisa decided to cook for us all, so she made chicken breast covered in bacon and cheddar cheese, Angus burgers, and my oldest son's cream spinach recipe.  It was awesome. 
Well, I guess I'd better get off now.  Lisa wants me to watch an old Buffy the Vampire Slayer with her.  Other than American Idol, I didn't see much else on.  Speaking of American Idol, who do you like?  Who needs to go home?  See ya!

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