Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Home!

Oh, my, what a week and weekend.  We started home from Daytona Beach at 6:00am on Friday and didn't get home until after midnight.  The traffic was so bad that it took us 4 1/2 hours to go from Macon to Atlanta, Georgia.  Construction, Spring Break travelers, and accidents on the road caused traffic to just stop several times and other times we would move a few feet, stop, move a few feet and stop, for hours.  I'm so glad to be home.
Saturday was spent setting up our Praise Band's equipment and massive PA at the Henderson Fine Arts Center for our church's Easter Service.  We began having the service at the Center several years ago as a service to the community at large.  The Center seats about 900 and it was about 95 percent full.  Our sanctuary only seats about 350, so having the service at the FAC just makes sense.  It was a wonderful, Spirit filled service, with great music, inspirational video, a wonderful message, and our Youth performed one of the most powerful drama skits I think I have ever seen.  I sang a song entitled, "By His Wounds We are Healed".  It's an awesome song originally done by Mac Powell from Third Day.
After the service, Lisa, Lori, and I had lunch at our local Tumbleweed.  I like to eat there as they have several low carb choices.  I had a Filet Mignon, a house salad with Bleu Cheese dressing (minus croutons), and a vegetable medley.  It was really good.
Have you heard about the proposed tax on junk food?  I read a little about it, and I am concerned about the fact that the main focus is on fat and not sugar.  Another concern is, who decides what is considered "junk"?  The so called main stream thinking is still behind the times when it comes to high fat/moderate protein/low carb eating.  What many of us know to be healthy eating may be considered unhealthy to whoever makes the decisions.  I don't know what we can do about it just yet, but I'll keep you informed.
Well, I have to go now.  I'm putting a new starter on my truck today and my buddy Greg, who is helping me, just got here.  Wish me luck.  I already replaced the solenoid and had my battery checked, so I'm hoping the new starter fixes my problem.  I hope you all have a good day and I'll see you later.

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